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VMware Spring Professional 2020/2021: Mock Exam 7

vmware spring professional mock examens dump test free 7

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VMware Spring Professional 2020/2021
Examen code: EDU-1202
Duration: 90 minutes
Certification alias names: Spring Certified Professional, Pivotal Spring Professional v5.0

VMware Spring Professional: EDU-1202: Free 2020 Mock Exam 7
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Exam Mock (50 questions)

1) Which of these is the Spring Boot starter that you would use for Spring Rest application ? (Choose one) *
2) What kind of queries can JdbcTemplate execute ? (choose one) *
3) Which of the annotation is not a Spring boot annotation ? (Choose one) *
4) Spring Boot auto-configures your application based on the dependencies exist in the classpath. *
5) During which phase can BeanPostProcessor modify the bean instances ? *
6) Spring has mock objects on these categories to assist in unit testing. Select 2. *
7) It is described as a modularization of a concern that cuts across multiple classes or across an entire application. *
8) Which of these are true about working with REST in Spring? Select all that apply. *
9) Which of these is the one being described below? Select the one that applies best. This is stored in the SecurityContextHolder. It contains an Authentication object. *
10) Which of these is an object created by the Spring AOP framework (using CGLIB or JDK) in order to implement the aspect contracts (e.g. advise method executions)? *

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