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VMware Spring Professional 2020/2021: Mock Exam 2

vmware spring professional mock examens dump test free 2

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VMware Spring Professional 2020/2021
Examen code: EDU-1202
Duration: 90 minutes
Certification alias names: Spring Certified Professional, Pivotal Spring Professional v5.0

VMware Spring Professional: EDU-1202: Free 2020 Mock Exam 2
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Exam Mock (50 questions)

1) What is the difference between declaring a bean with @Bean and with @Component ? *
2) Which of these is the one being described below? Select the one that applies best. This wraps a single Connection that is not closed after each use. This is not multi-threading capable. *
3) What dependencies does spring-boot-starter-test brings to the classpath ? *
4) Which of these is being described below? A bean instance in this scope lives within the lifetime of a single HTTP Session. *
5) How can data exposed by the /info endpoint be customized ? (Choose one) *
6) Which ones are true about scopes? Select all that apply. *
7) Given the following integration test:
@RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class) @ContextConfiguration public class SimpleTest { //test methods here }
What can be said about the behavior of Spring when the test is executed ? (choose one) *
8) In Spring AOP, different types of this include “around”, “before” and “after”. *
9) Which of the following HTTP message converters are supported by Spring MVC ? *
10) Which of these is true regarding the code below.
<bean id="myBean" class="org.MyBean">          <property name="person" value="john"/>          <property name="age" value="10"/>          <property name="project" value="project1"/>     </bean> 

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