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Hello there and welcome to my blog ! I hope you like my little bubble.


Why this blog?

There are 3 main reasons why I decided to start this blog:
  • Share my knowledge and experiences in IT, in the form of articles and videos, intended to anyone wishing to obtain certifications and to deepen her/his knowledge in computer science.
  • I am a fan of traveling and especially of sharing (Because sharing is caring). I will soon be embarking on a long journey around the world and my great wish is to immortalize every moment and be able to share it with a community of travelers.
  • After having lived and survived a rather difficult period related to intense panic and anxiety heart attacks, I made it my mission to write a book on panic attacks, to make the life easier to anyone experiencing the same issue and provide her/him with practical advice that I would have loved to receive during my past experience.

Who am I?

My name is Abdelahad Satour. I am of Moroccan origin and I currently live in Paris.

I am an IT architect and an entrepreneur with 30 certifications in IT.

When I am not working, I devote my free time to learning and mastering foreign languages. So far, I speak 4 languages : (Arabic, English, French, Japanese).

I enjoy doing some volunteer work with a few associations that are active in the field of IT, or I simply escape into nature to recharge my batteries.

To satisfy my intellectual curiosity, books remain my best companions. Currently, I am interested in reading or listening to books on different themes related to history, religious debates, ecological transition, inner peace, disciplines of energy and Naturopathy such as Flowers of Bach, Hypnosis, Yoga (Yin, Prenatal), Sophrology, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, etc.

I also enjoy recording podcasts or writing articles for my blog that I will be sharing with you soon. (Stay tuned 😉)

Île-d’Arz Island

Learn more about me :

Entrepreneur since the age of 23, I have created 5 IT service companies and 3 startups:
– The 1st in Digital in Rabat, Morocco.
– The 2nd specialized in IT training in Rabat.
– The 3rd (Software Edition) in Senegal in Dakar
– the 4th (Software Vendor) at the Technopark in Casablanca in Morocco.
– The 5th in Casablanca under the name Adservio-Maroc (, a subsidiary of Adservio company in France.

Like most entrepreneurs who were not born with a golden spoon in their mouth and had to climb the ranks, I started at Zero, with a capital of 0 Moroccan Dirhams.

For two and a half years, I stayed in my office. I worked non-stop, including evenings and weekends, to the point where the word “vacation” became banished from my vocabulary.

The hard work always pays off of course. I succeded in obtaining 30 Certifications in IT and gaining the confidence of my partners and gave at least 100 trainings in IT (lasting from 2 to 5 days per training for 12 to 50 people), in addition to the organization of more than 20 seminars on Information Technologies.

Associative life
From a very young age, I have always been very involved in community life as a volunteer. To develop my political awareness, I joined political parties in Morocco and joined Japanese language clubs to satisfy my love for this language.

My professional career took me a bit away from serving the community, but I quickly found my way back by joining associations, such as Konexio, as a volunteer trainer to help people find work by equipping them with IT skills. Or the association, which allows me to provide mini courses on the IT engineering profession for the benefit of secondary school students. What a pleasure !

I am currently in the process of creating an association that provides support to associations in integrating IT into their operations. The digitalization of associations seems very essential to me. Similar work has already been initiated by associations such as helloasso which offers a set of free tools, allowing more than 80,000 associations to receive payments on the internet while saving time.

This year, I learned to climb for the first time with the Parisian climbing association Grimpo6, after I was an aquaphobe and acrophobe since my childhood. I was afraid of sea creatures, and I was also afraid to stay in a 3rd floor balcony for more than 10 seconds. What about today?

In short
My greatest achievements during the year 2019-2020 can be summed up as follows: I was able to learn to climb, overcome my fear, learn to swim (yes better late than never!), Jump from the top of the waterfalls, overcome my phobia of planes and helicopters and especially learning to ride a bike.

Oh one more thing ! In 2020 i learned how to play piano too. (Thanks to the lockdown!)

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