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VMWARE SPRING PROFESSIONAL 2020/2021: Examen Blanc N°6

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VMware Spring Professional 2020/2021
Code d’examen: EDU-1202
Durée: 90 minutes
Autres noms de la certification: Spring Certified Professional, Pivotal Spring Professional v5.0

VMware Spring Professional: EDU-1202: Free 2020 Mock Exam 6
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Examen blanc (50 questions)

1) We have the following bean declaration. What is the ID of the created bean ? (choose one)@Componentpublic class SimpleServiceImpl implements SimpleService {} *
2) What is an aspect in the context of a Spring application ? (choose one) *
3) Which of the following affirmations about @SpringBootTest are not true? (choose two) *
4) In the application.yml configuration file of your Spring Boot application you find the following configuration snippet:management: endpoint: health: show-details: always What is the effect of this configuration ? (choose one) *
5) Which of the following annotations can be used on a handler method ? (choose all that apply) *
6) Which ones are true regarding the code below? Select all that apply. return this.jdbcTemplate.query("select name from Account" , new RowMapper() { public Account mapRow(ResultSet rs, int rowNum) throws SQLException { return new Account(rs.getString("name")); } } ); *
7) Which of these are valid usages of Spring profiles? Select all that apply. *
8) Which of these is true about AOP and Spring AOP? *
9) Which of these is an XML tag in Spring Security used in pages to determine whether its contents should be evaluated or not? *
10) Which of these is the one being described below? Select the one that applies best. This can be annotated on methods. This indicates that the return value should be written straight to the web response body (and not into a Model, or as a view name). *

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