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VMware Spring Professional 2020/2021: Mock Exam 4

vmware spring professional mock examens dump test free 4

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VMware Spring Professional 2020/2021
Code d’examen: EDU-1202
Durée: 90 minutes
Autres noms de la certification: Spring Certified Professional, Pivotal Spring Professional v5.0

VMware Spring Professional: EDU-1202: Free 2020 Mock Exam 4
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Examen blanc (50 questions)

1) Which annotation to use, in the case of Spring Data JPA, to enable the discovery and creation of repositories ? (choose one) *
2) Which of the following is true about bean naming ? (choose all that apply) *
3) Which endpoints are sensitive ? (Choose one) *
4) Which one are true regarding this method in JBDCTemplate ? (Choose all that apply)public void execute(String sql) *
5) Where does Spring Boot look for property file in a test ? (Choose one) *
6) What does the @EnableAspectJAutoProxy do? Select the one that applies best. *
7) When working with JPA with Spring Boot, which of these are true? Select all that apply. *
8) Which of these are true about Spring and meta-annotations? Select all that apply. *
9) From which of these does the Spring Boot environment pull properties from? Select all that apply. *
10) Which of these can be added after the code below to assist in the definition? Select all that apply. DriverManagerDataSource myDataSource = new DriverManagerDataSource(); ….. *

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