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VMWARE SPRING PROFESSIONAL 2020/2021: Examen Blanc N°8

vmware spring professional mock examens dump test free 8

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VMware Spring Professional 2020/2021
Code d’examen: EDU-1202
Durée: 90 minutes
Autres noms de la certification: Spring Certified Professional, Pivotal Spring Professional v5.0

VMware Spring Professional: EDU-1202: Free 2020 Mock Exam 8
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Examen blanc (50 questions)

1) The purpose of HandlerMapping implementations is to map incoming requests to the appropriate handlers and a list of pre- and post-processor interceptors. Is this statement true ? *
2) What is the Minimum Java version need for Spring boot ? (Choose one) *
3) Which one is the highest database system isolation level ? (Choose one) *
4) Which of the following is true about Spring AOP proxies ? (Choose one) *
5) In which of these transaction isolation levels can non-repeatable reads occur ? (Choose all that apply) *
6) Which of these are Spring Boot annotations? Select all that apply. *
7) Fill in the blanks. ______ and ______ can be used to secure service layer ______. Select the one that applies best. *
8) Which of these are valid controller methods? Select all that apply. *
9) In Spring Boot, if the HSQLDB jar dependencies are on the classpath, and there is no database connection bean has been manually configured, what will happen? *
10) Which of these is true regarding Spring Boot’s build outputs? *

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